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Dec. 3rd, 2007 07:32 am
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How do people learn to draw? I mean SpaceCoyote even posted an example that improvement is possible, but how do you GET THERE? She even says "as my teacher would say, 'Practice does not make perfect -- PERFECT practice makes perfect.' If you keep doing things the wrong way over and over again, chances are, you won't go far." So how do you learn the right way? Who teaches real drawing and not just still life or copying models?

Sometimes I hate Florida.

Date: 2007-12-03 10:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hungrypilotdude.livejournal.com
Try drawing in different styles. Go outside, and draw the scenery that you see. Or pick a movie screenshot, and try to draw it out on a sketchbook.

a lot really is practice. Just look at any webcomic that's been fairly well established. Look at the first comic strip, and the most recent, and see how much has changed. If you wanna see some heavy improvement, go to http://questionablecontent.net (its a webcomic about indie music and nerdy pplz and such) and then go to the first comic ever posted. HUUUGE difference.

When you think you've hit a slum... think about what detail you can ADD to the picture. I'll use Damien's picture as an example.

Jacket: 1st pic its a nifty design, but static/flat 2nd pic has curve to it and depth. 3rd pic has multi-layers, and even an undershirt to compliment it.

Belt: 1st pic, its there. 2nd pic has belt loops and accessories with it. 3rd pic has webbing and texture.

little things make a difference. A good deal of improvement comes from shading too. 1st pic is almost a doodle, while the last one is fully filled in and conforming colors (no pencil zigzag lines)

and as for 'who teaches this stuff'... I think once you hit a point, you have to teach yourself, like mix and match techniques and angles and such. I've NEVER had any art training, but even still you can see evolution of skill.... http://www.elfwood.com/art/s/e/seanstone/ is my art from waaay back in the day. The Catgirl and Pegasus were the last ones posted, and you can see the difference between thse and the others, particularly butterfly girl.

I know a lot of this is rather obvious, but.... hopefully it'll help?



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