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Jan. 3rd, 2008 10:02 am
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I love the future and technology.
I love steel and glass.
I love fantasy and magic.
I love wood and brass.

Titanium, the scientific material.
It takes man to the stars and allows great feats.
Orichalcum, the legendary material.
Clad mighty Atlantis, where a heart of wonder beats.

Here today, tossed tomorrow,
the motto of our time.
I grew up with old things,
to discard them, a crime.

I draw and dream
and make and build,
to capture a vision &
a memory dearly held.

Oh land of tomorrow!
Will your wonders always cost so much?
Oh land of yesterday!
Will your lessons never be learned as such?

When today's fantastic marvel becomes
the next day's worn out trash,
how do we build a lasting future,
that's more substance than flash?

Visions of future past.
Yesterday's dream of tomorrow.
Steam and diesel power
takes us forward as we grow.

The fantasy of copper, brass and iron,
built to last, to survive the ages long.
An example to our disposable world,
that endurance does still belong.

I love the future the present world envisions.
Such a wondrous place!
I want to see it with my own eyes, but I worry:
Can humanity keep pace?

Everything changing at
such dizzying speed.
Will technology be able,
to fulfill ALL our needs?



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