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And I'm down 2.5 lbs. Not much, but it's a start.

So I weighed myself yesterday morning, a week from the first time, and went from 224.1 to 221.4. Because I was so worried about not having lost anything, and my brain normally goes to the negative first rather than the positive, I had a minor dyslexic moment and thought it said 224 again. I realized my mistake when later on the morning, after I had eaten, I got on the scale to weigh my cat, and it said I was 222... So it couldn't have said 224 when I had just gotten out of bed, used the toilet and stood on the scale naked BEFORE it said 222 when I was dressed and had eaten. I know weight fluctuates daily, but I don't think I could see-saw that much in a couple of hours... I'm putting it in the win column for now anyway.

Roommates who are not trying to lose weight can sometimes be annoying. They order pizza, or mozzarella sticks, or bring home huge cheeseburgers, or say did you want the last cinnamon roll? They don't do it on purpose, just forget that I'm trying to watch what I'm eating and my calories. I do wish one roomie would join in though. I think I'll mention that I'd be happy to help if they wanted to.

I can have cheeseburgers, I just have to make them at home with the super lean meat and cook them on the Foreman grill. It's actually very tasty and juicy. If my Publix had had the soft tofu I would have tried mixing it about 1/3 tofu to 2/3 meat to make it a bit more balanced, but alas that will require a separate trip.

I think that I can eat more foods than I realize (picky eater). I've deduced that as long as a food has a noticeable flavor, and one I like, I'll probably be OK eating it. I like ham. I made one for dinner yesterday, with honey and fruit glaze. It was fabulous! I bought cold cut ham the other day and made a sandwich out of it. I couldn't stand it. I don't know why, but the flavor of it was awful. I even tried putting a slice of cheese on it and it didn't help. Maybe I could have tried barbecue sauce, but I had already put mayo on it and I don't think that's a good combo.



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