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Doesn't hurt that she's an anime fan too.

What kind of Gothic Lolita are you? (Japanese - Lifestyle for girls)

You are a ~*Victorian Maiden*~You look adorable, but cold what makes you seem unreachable. You are never seen without an umbrella. The colour of your dress is mostly dark. Your favorite Lolita brand is "Victorian maiden" of course. ^^"You are always trying to act like a real Victorian lady would have acted... and that's what you are: a real lady... =^.^=
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If I wasn't fat, I wouldn't be alone.

If I wasn't fat, I'd be worth more.

If I wasn't fat, who would I be?


Oct. 22nd, 2007 11:54 am
This morning I watched The Whole Wide World. It's a movie about the relationship between a woman named Novalyne Price & Robert E. Howard the creator of Conan and reputed to be one of the most prolific pulp writers of all time.

I watched the Conan movies, but I never had been terribly interested in reading the books, so I really had no idea who this guy was. In fact the reason I picked out the movie (yay netflix) was because I've become a bit of a Vincent D'Onofrio fan and he plays Howard in the film.

After seeing it, and especially after finding out it was true, I want to know more. It was inspiring. Even though it was sad. This man could have been a titan if he was born in a different time &/or place. He really lived through his work.

I can relate.

My parents always thought I lived in a fantasy world. I didn't think so, but now I think maybe I do, just not as much as they thought I did. I suppose it's always been there, so it didn't seem strange or out of place. Now I don't care what people think of it. If I do live in a fantasy, it's because the real world is so crappy sometimes. I don't cut myself off so completely, but I do tend to forget about some of the day to day grind items, and sometimes I don't feel like talking to other people. I know what it's like to be awkward and not understand why exactly. To see the world through a different view than most people and not have anyone who really gets it, who will feel the same.

So I recalled an actual pulp magazine that was being published when I was in high school. I think my stepdad subscribed to it, but I read it too. I wondered if it was still being published and it is. Then I wondered: if this somewhat lesser known magazine was still in print, was the grandaddy of them all still being published?

Yup. Weird Tales is going to celebrate 85 years of publication next year.

I was so overjoyed at finding they were still in print. I don't know exactly why but I feel it's so important that it is. It's like a root, stretching back into the past, showing us the path that was traveled to bring us to now, and it's still alive, growing into the future.

Bob Howard - Thanks for my b-day present. I will try to look into my own creations with the same kind of depth and fearlessness that you did yours. And maybe I can make a semi-decent something out of myself in the process.


Sep. 27th, 2007 10:45 am
With my computer being a bitch and no money to fix it with, I turned to TV to help me make it through.

In so doing, I have developed a massive Law & Order habit, especially Criminal Intent.

With this in mind, as well as the season 7 opener on Oct 4, I wonder if there are any fellow fans in the South Florida area who'd like to make it a little shindig?

Yes I'm a nutter. Look at my icon for the proof! I could gush at length about my LOCI love. I suppose it's no sadder than my WoW or anime nerdiness so Feh to any nay-sayers.

I'm so excited!!!
I've been trying for weeks to get it working again and I don't know what the hell is wrong with it. I replaced the video card and got a new case, so the picture is back and the heat is beat, but it won't install my new vid card, and it won't play any sound or connect to the network. I try to boot from the CD and get a new error msg every time I try. If I don't boot from CD it goes to the desktop OK but I can't do much of anything with my cards not working.

This is total suck.
Ok if you know me from one of the lists or other sites I hang out at, congrats on finding me here. You are now viewing my inner thoughts that I choose to share with the world at large. Consider this your Welcome and Warning. Warning? Yes, because if you're reading this entry you may not like what I have to say, but this is MY Lj so I say what I want! This is Radio Free Mars... Well you get the idea...

So I've been hanging around with the local pagan group for a few months now. They're pretty cool, even though I still kinda feel out of place some of the time. Recently, a couple from the group has been working on opening their own shop that would cater to the pagan community. This is great, we all wish them the very best and things started off looking well.

That was about a month ago, so now they're saying that their application for the store space has been denied due to financial reasons.

Whew! Let the indignation fly! It wasn't OMG spam-a-nator on the list, but the replies that were posted were all like "I can't believe they said that!" "Do they know what kind of shop you're going to open? I bet that's why!" "How do THEY know about YOUR money?"

Now I won't say that people on a list with a completely different topic wouldn't have had similar reactions. The one that I'd bet WOULD be different is the "veiled discrimination" response. These are not 14 year olds trying to be cool and bug their parents. These are mostly 30-40 year olds with careers and houses. Drama is drama no matter the age I guess. So yeah froth froth froth. Ok it's not THAT bad, but all it needs is one little thing to feed it and it will take off like a damn rocket.

The point is, just because you've CHOSEN to do things differently from the majority, does not make it automatically "discrimination" when something doesn't work out. Discrimination is totally not cool, but only if it's the real deal. If it's just you thinking it MIGHT be, then there's a problem because you don't know anything for sure. And on top of that, crying discrimination at the drop of a hat makes EVERYONE look bad. Like you're so fucking special you have to have everything given to you YOUR way or it's protests, marches and lawsuits, OH MY!

I'm not saying this to make light of the real discrimination the pagan community has faced and still deals with today. I do understand that you have to suspect before you can confirm, but investigating your suspicions quietly, either alone or with others, is still WAY different from going "OMG! I didn't get _______! I'm sure they're discriminating against me!"

So before letting your pride and self-righteousness take control of your mouth when things don't go right, remember that the burden of proof is on YOU. Back it up or shut up.


Thank you.

PS: To the lady I almost got in an arguement over Barack Obama with... He's Christian. Totally. Has always been Christian. Never Muslim. Your info was way bad and maybe you should look into getting a better source.

HP quiz!

Aug. 16th, 2007 10:16 pm

What's Your Reputation at Hogwarts? (26 different characters)

Crazy Outspoken Psycho (Who's Original In Every Way)

House: Hufflepuff
Best Friend(s): Blaise, Fred, George, and yourself.
Harry: Thinks you hate him ever since you called him a "creep". (And is still a little upset that you never gave Cedric the chance to ask you to the Yule Ball so he could go with Cho).
Ron: Likes that you don't bow down to Harry and that you wear whatever you want without being so self-consious.
Hermione: Is envious of your hair. She loves how you color it, keep it shiny and tamed, and how you do it. Her favorite of your hair styles was your "Hot Pink Streaks" style.
Oliver Wood: Has dreams about meeting you in person and falling head over heels for you immediately.
Fred and George Weasley: Are your best friends and sidekicks. You assist them in every way possible, and vice versa.
Seamus Finnigan: Likes that you wear different colored clothes and don't bother to always match but somehow manage to look great.
Neville Longbottom: Thinks you're a little loopy but is still kind to you.
Dean Thomas: Always compares his girlfriends to you.
Ginny Weasley: Helped you add blue dye to your hair one day because she wanted to find out if you were actually that cool in real life.
Parvati Patil: Copies your style profusely and relentlessly.
Padma Patil: Secretly hates you ever since you mistook her for her sister and called her a "brainless fashion robot".
Cedric Diggory: Was going to ask you to the Yule Ball but was cut short when George and Fred ran up to with a new idea for their shop and you excused yourself excitedly.
Cho Chang: Is upset that Cedric only asked her to the Yule Ball as a last resort, but still accepts the fact that you're much better looking than she could ever hope to be.
Draco Malfoy: Wants to be able to express himself like you. He wishes he didn't have to care what other people of him and could just say "I don't give a fuck," with as much ease as you do.
Crabbe: Is attracted to your bright hair and clothes.
Goyle: Likes your really long eye lashes.
Pansy Parkinson: Wishes she had beauty like yours.
Marcus Flint: Likes your taste in music (electronic, indie, alternative) and almost mustered up enough courage to ask you to a concert.
Blaise Zabini: Is one of your other closest friends because you got him to open up. He confessed everything to you and even cried a little on your shoulder, and you two are the best of friends.
Dumbledore: Has no doubt that you'll take your creativity to all new levels as you mature. (as in get older, not more... motherly).
Professor McGonagall: Is proud, but watchful, of your ambition.
Professor Flitwick: Likes you, but doesn't know you too well.
Professor Trelawney: Asks you for your opinion on everything she does.
Professor Snape: Loves how you brighten the room, but hates how you attract the attention.
Filch: Envies you for having so much fun at school.
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Specifically on 12 inch action figures. I'm doing a modification to put in a torso joint on a 13" figure I found on Ebay. The guy needed to be extra tall so I found something non-standard. He's only got a swivel waist, so I'm trying to add in a ball-style joint piece to the torso. I also need new hands and feet for him since the ones he came with are really dumb looking, but that's not so hard.

If anyone knows of anywhere I can get cheap action figure parts BESIDES eBay (since I've been scouring all over there) please post a comment or get in touch with me.



Aug. 13th, 2007 08:17 am
Kabuki I dreamed of you last night, for the first time in so many years I saw you. I hope you're doing well wherever you ended up. Perhaps you could forgive me the insanity of my youth, because that's all I can describe it as. If you ever feel like talking to me, well I guess you can figure out where to say hello.

Was there anyone we called Carrot back then?
Why I feel the Web will never be controlled, tiered, or otherwise be prevented from being the open & mobocratic place it is now.

Mainly because of the people that populate it. Sure corporations can buy up search terms and establish huge presenses, but they're not the ones who are blazing the trail. It's us who are doing the innovating, the discovering, the assimilating. It's see a need, fill a need on the Wild Wild Web. RSS feeds came about by programmers being tired of crappy aggregators that only worked with one service or were clunky and stupid. The community of RSS supporters worked on it together and only later did the big names grab on to it. Podcasting was grown by people just wanting to have an easier way of distributing audio information along with their blog feeds. It got huge when it was made easy enough for anyone to use. Apple didn't do it, bloggers and independant coders did it. Apple only built Podcast support into iTunes after there were hit 'casts gathering hundreds of listeners.

Really it's all about the people. The people made the internet the booming place it is. Our online lives have been made possible by both corporate and independant foundations, but it's the users who have made it take off. With no one to use it, with no one here to read the sites and comment, what would there be?

The internet has become our community where none really exists in our hometowns anymore. This is the watercooler, the coffee shop, the bulletin board, the library, the front porch, the chairs in front of the general store where the old men play checkers, and the treehouse full of kids planning the next water war. And while we have let corporate interests take over a large part of our real-world spaces and lives, we let them because they provided a service, faster and cheaper and more convenient than Mom & Pop could. But the internet is different. In terms of where we go and how we communitcate, it's so very different here. True there are large corporations doing itfast, cheaper, better, but that's mostly in the retail sector. And the Net is vast. Infinite almost. Everywhere and nowhere. So what if Wal-Mart sets up a site? It's not like they have to force anyone else out of that space. They just create a new one for them. If I want to set up my own space what are the costs involved? Anywhere from Free on up.

The point of my dreamers ramble is this: We the people are the voice of the internet. There is room for everyone, but if anyone tries to take away the lives we've built here, they're in for a hell of a fight. Web mobilization can call up someof the largest numbrs of people in the least amount of time. The Mobocracy is the rule. We are stronger than they know.
Just finished 10 min ago.

Made of Awesome, Perfect, & Total WIN.
JanxAngel: I had a random thought last night while reading this site(edit What if Lex Luthor went to Japan to try and take over the world from there? You know, start somewhere fresh, a new perspective could generate more success.

Maegis: Fewer cakes available.

JanxAngel: Then I thought of him hitting Tokyo and threatening the city with a death ray, and then a bunch of random anime heroes show up and ask him what he's doing...

JanxAngel: He says he has a Death Ray and he's not afraid to use it! They ask him "What kind of Death Ray?" "What?" "What kind is it? On what principle is it based?" "It's just a damn Death Ray OK?"


JanxAngel: "No that won't work. That's just silly. We're not going to bother fighting you cause it won't be any fun." "What do you mean!?! I'm a threat to your city and your nation!!" All look to the side. "Umm... Nope. Not really. Tower's still standing, you see."

JanxAngel: "WTF does that have to do with anything??" "Well if you were a REAL villain, you'd have destroyed Tokyo Tower by now. No, I think you should go home and rethink this plan of yours. Come back another time and try again OK? Ganbatte!"

JanxAngel: Lex then goes back to Metropolis dejected and confused.

Maegis: He should just send Vegeta after Superman

Maegis: Pay him with some cakes or something

Maegis: Hey, THAT'S why he took them!

Maegis: To feed a Saiyan!

JanxAngel: Superman finds Lex sitting on his porch one day when he drops by. "Hey Lex, you've been awfully low profile of late. What's up?" "Well I decided to try a new angle on world domination but it didn't work, so I've been taking a break."

Maegis: Because, after all, is Superman's power level more, or less than NINE THOUUUSAND!

JanxAngel: "I see... Anything you want to talk about?" "Not really... Say, Superman, if I were threatening the city with a Death Ray would you stop and ask me what kind it is?"

JanxAngel: "No. That's silly. A Death Ray is a Death Ray, you just have to stop it, doesn't matter what kind it is." "I appreciate your simpleton approach to crimefighting, Supes." "That's just how I roll, bitch."

JanxAngel: "Fer reals yo. I mean srsly, What is your deal Japan?" "Whoa you went to Japan? To do the supervillain gig? Dude..." "You've been there?" "Yeah, that place is pretty fucked up. No wonder you've been all emokid on me."

The cakes that Maegis was referring to if you don't know, are these right here:


Jul. 18th, 2007 07:43 pm
I'm pissed off really. And depressed. And I'm determined to change something, somehow, until my life gets better or whatever... Yeah yeah.

That's what I say now, and I might even mean it. But really as soon as it all blows over and I'm feeling OK again, I'll forget all about it. It'll be something that happened to someone else in a different life. Not my happy world.

I'm such a wishy washy person like that. I wish I could change that.
Yeah I'll get right on it...
Just like organizing my room, and taking charge of life. Cause both of those things are going SO well right now.

I just feel like I'm beating my head against a wall. I want someone to care enough to help me stop, but on the other hand, I feel like if I don't stop myself, there's no one else who can. An endless loop of try & fail. I'm the only one who can break it, but I don't see where. Around and around. No one can stop it for me. I have to do it myself. Perpetual motion.
What's more frustrating than my recent troubles with SL?

Not being able to get a damn job. I went for an interview today and I thought it went really well, but it turns out they went with someone else. I don't know why this keeps happening. I don't understand. The only things I can think of is that I'm coming across as too smart or a bit overqualified for the jobs they're offering. Maybe I'm too honest? They don't want to hire someone who's going to get bored and quit.

How come idiots in basements can come up with million fucking dollar ideas and I of many, yet underdeveloped, talents can't even pay my goddamn rent?!?! What have I been doing wrong? Is there any help for me? I can do all these cool things but I can't make hardly a penny doing them. I got a license to do nails. Can't get a job doing that because I need more experience, especially with acrylics. Can't get more XP without a job though. What can I do that I can turn into a living? There has just GOT to be at least one thing right?

I'm worn out with this crap. Who did I piss off to have everything go so crappy on me all at once? One minute I think things are really looking up. I got a job in a nice spa and they pay by the hour instead of commission. I got caught up on all my bills. I was going to be able to start saving.

Next thing I know I'm in the hospital piling up $26k in debt, then finding out I don't have a job anymore to actually have a chance at paying it off. 2.5 months later I still don't have a job yet. By the time I get this straightened out (I have to hope that eventually it'll be OK or I'll go nuts,) I can't imagine what a wreck my once decent credit score will be.

Good bye happy future.
The movers are coming first thing Sat morning to take our furniture over to the new place.

This means that I'll have to have my desk completely empty before I go to bed on Friday night.

Therefore, I will not be online very late on Friday, and I will likely not be back on till Saturday night or Sunday, possibly Monday... Basically whenever, after I get everything set back up, the internet is transfered over.

This is to let people know why I suddenly am not online and stuff. So if ppl ask let them know OK?

I doubt it will be needed since anyone who would ask most likely reads this anyway.
So we went again. We grabbed a friendly warlock fellow. This is our THIRD attempt.

Result: Yet another epic fail.

We cleared it out and were moving right along, very nicely, right up until we got to Vorpil. Only took us one try on Blackheart even. But then, Vorpil, and his damn Voidwalker vending machines. We tried one tactic. Fail. Try again slightly different. Fail. Try yet a third way our friendly warlock suggested he had done it before with. FAIL.

So four hours later, we still do not have anything to show for it in the Shadow Labyrinth. I can't figure out what keeps holding us back. Do we need better stuff? Are we missing a key point? Or do we just suck at this, either individually or as a team?

I was here before we all started coming together and finished it in no time at all... I really just don't understand why we can't do it too. I don't even care about the Karazhan key anymore. I don't really plan on going there anyway, but it's now become the principle of beating that damn place.

As for gear: I don't know how I'm going to get better things. I need to run the instances for better stuff, but I need better stuff to run them in. Especially if I ever get brave enough to run Heroics once I get keys. Four day cooldowns on my shadowcloth are really crappy too.
Not for me. Got passed over again. So I'm still not a full member.
They want to hang out with me more on raids and such... See previous post for how likely that is.
They also said that I should hang out with certain people to speed things up.

So what I take away is that I'm not doing the right things with the right people.

Or is that just me talking crazy?
Tonight our guild went to Gruul's for the first time.

For me it was my first raid.

It was awful. I felt so stupid the whole time. My gear is crappy and I felt like I was barely helping at all. My guild didn't say anything to me, so it's just my personal feelings. I just can't measure up to the rest of them. We all died alot, but the last time we went in they finally managed to drop the first boss. Except I died early in the fight for running into a flame wave I didn't see, and was stuck out for most of it. I didn't even want to be in the group picture, cause I didn't help at all. I passed on the cloak too.

I don't think I'm going to do that again, at least not until I have full epics or something.

I'm just not cut out to be uber.

The Seven Virtues of Chivalry. Leading by example since 1984.

Now playing in my sig...

In other news my attempt at leading the house and Vinz through Shadow Labyrinth was a bust. I still need to get back in there to get my key part. So behind!
Is this.

A Vespa GTS in Blue Midnight.
I'm not sure if I'd rather have the 125 or 250, but it's a long way off for me at any rate.

There were no pics of it in blue so this will have to do.

If someone wants to give me an early birthday or Christmas gift...
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