Apr. 26th, 2007


Apr. 26th, 2007 08:38 am
I'm going to be moving in a month or two and was worried about finding the right apartment for us. My roommate was looking at a place in the complex next to the one we're in now, and on paper it looked like a hit. I went over there last week and the community area looked nice, they had garages if one ever came available, and generally had the look of a good area to live in. Then I went into the apartment. It was Small. The ceilings were so low I worried about Dean hitting his head. The rooms were tiny. There was no porch or patio so that there could be extra living room space. Overall I was not impressed. I got home and felt very uneasy about the prospect of living there. I looked up the floorplan for the place we live in now, and discovered that our 2/2 is 1101 sq ft. The 3/2 we had just looked at was 1187 sq ft. Hmmm... Not a big difference at all and you're adding a whole other room, so that means that you've shaved off space from other places and added enough into that for a new room.

So I was motivated to look around some more and try to find a better place. I checked rent.com which oddly enough I hadn't looked into yet, and found a couple promising places right nearby to where we live now, since we didn't want to change areas. I found a floorplan and a overall sq ft for one of them and said "Wow those closets look BIG!" and the number is 1325 sq ft. I called them and asked if they had any for show, and they did. Dean & I went over to look.

It is made of WIN.

Even better: Dean thought so too.

When we were leaving I was saying how much I liked it and he said that he thought it was awesome too. I knew then that we were going to get it, because his will is a strong force and takes alot to overcome it. Jen went to see it yesterday and she thought it was great as well. Mike hasn't seen it, but he doesn't seem to care too much as long as he gets his own room.

Turns out they have 2 available, one now, and one on June 12. The June one is 2nd floor which is what we wanted since then we will have a bonus room in the front of the living room, about 8.5 by 7.5 ft, perfect for turning into a library. The only problem with this is that our current lease isn't up till the end of July, which means that we'll have to pay a month and a half of double rent. It'll suck, but in the end being in a place that has enough space for all of us I think is more important. Plus with the wedding and everything else going on having plenty of time to move everything and clean and organize as we go will be very nice. I plan on painting my room so it won't be stark white since I'll have time. And then putting up my shelves before getting all my stuff in there.

I just hope I can save enough money to go to D*C this year...



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